Baldi's Basics in Education

Baldi's Basics in Education is a fun learning app with horror themes

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Baldi's Basics in Education is a fun learning app with horror themes.

The world of edutainment just got a whole lot spookier for Android users thanks to this engrossing academic software. With old-school 3D graphics, this retro romp packs a series of unexpected challenges and shocking surprises.

In this game, you are stuck in Baldi’s institution, and his lesson plans are astonishingly difficult. If you can’t keep up with the curriculum, then a nightmarish virtual hellscape awaits you. The trippy interactive enigma is both psychedelic and perilous.

When you play this title, incorrect answers are punished with a dose of sheer terror. Several difficulty levels are offered, so your chances of survival become more dangerous over time. A poor performance will be greeted by the unbearable wrath of Baldi, so get learnt while you have the opportunity!

For players, the core objective is to locate three different laptops. This quest paves your way towards the real action: Once these computers are found, you must solve the puzzles presented on them. If you are successful, then you will have a chance to escape from the evil school once and for all.